Success Stories

Krisztina & Paul - Heartbreak to Healthy Partnership

“When a local Meetup group announced an event, featuring Suzanne as an invited speaker, my life just hit rock bottom. I knew I had to get out of the house and be among people to not go crazy with grief. I was reeling from a painful break up of an eight-year-long relationship, which ended in one of the worst ways imaginable. My trust broken, my heart in pieces, I felt as if someone pulled the rug out from under me.

I was not even thinking of dating, I was still raw from the pain of betrayal, too fresh from the break-up, brokenhearted, feeling unwanted, unattractive, unlovable, a complete mess. I went to the Meet-up scared and insecure, but with an open mind, to find out what Suzanne had to say and to be among people instead of staring at the walls at home. Little did I know that meeting Suzanne, listening to her story and taking her message to heart was going to change my life. I found her words compelling, her story very relatable and her message immediately struck a chord in me.

Our weekly conversations set me on the right track in more ways than one. First and foremost, with Suzanne’s help, I was able to start healing from the hurt of the prior relationship. Our conversations allowed me to start seeing myself in a new and more positive light. As a result, I can now embrace my strengths and see all that I could offer in a relationship.

As fate would have it, soon after starting my journey to recovery, I met a man at a support group, with whom a mutual attraction was apparent right away. I feel the courage and strength needed to create the opportunity for a new relationship was largely due to my new take of myself, my newfound self-worth, that I could wholly credit to Suzanne’s message and counsel.

Thank you, Suzanne, for sharing your hard-earned wisdom with me and with the rest of our community in search of true love and meaningful relationships. We married in December 2019.” 
– Krisztina

Jari & Richard – Persistence Pays Off!

“My journey with Suzanne was one of the most extraordinary, magical, and enlightening experiences.  Her insight, combined with her knowledge and compassion truly makes her one of a kind!  

She not only helped me to create the man of my dreams, but actually guided me to HAVING, being with, loving and sharing my life with the man of my dreams.  I couldn’t have more miraculous things to say about Suzanne, her talent and her work!

Suzanne taught me, guided me, inspired me, mentored me, supported and loved me all the way through this journey.  I adore her and owe her everything!  She will definitely be celebrating with me on my wedding day!!” – Jari

Lisa - Release & Reward Myself With LOVE!

“I recently completed my sessions with Suzanne, my dating coach. I reflect back on my first impression before meeting her of what exactly is a dating coach? My good friend gave me 6 sessions with Suzanne out of love and I could not be more grateful. I was thinking that she may work more on creating the “perfect” me so that I would be more approachable or dateable. Well, that is partially true as I had many skeletons or a pile of baggage living inside me that I didn’t know still existed.

Suzanne’s approach was all about what is inside where it really matters and getting rid of the junk that we all hoard inside that keeps us from truly opening ourselves to others and love. She is the kind of person that you want as your friend because she is kind, caring and no nonsense about the truth of what you need to work on. I felt completely safe sharing my whole life with her and she took good care of the “hurt” child inside that just needed validating by ME. I encourage anyone who wants better relationships with anyone especially yourself to work with Suzanne. I am now in a successful relationship, but would not hesitate to contact Suzanne for a refresher now and then.” – Lisa

Birgit & Dave – Loneliness to Love!

“Before Dave, I felt lonely especially when around happy couples, or when at a party yet another girlfriend met a boyfriend and I went home alone. I would lay in bed alone longing to be with somebody or going on yet another vacation by myself sitting on the beach lonely watching the sunset wishing I was leaning up again my boyfriend’s chest and his arms wrapped around me.  

Suzanne listens extremely well to where I’m at at any given point in my quest for a man. She could hear where I was feeling ashamed of myself and not owning myself. She is right on with her coaching as what would make a difference in my dating and even in my personal life. She taught me how to be a great dater, to ask for what I want and desire, and to fully own all of my beautiful self as if I was already in a relationship right now and it wasn’t a far away dream. 

Being with Dave is even better than I thought was possible. I can just be myself and that is exactly was Dave loves. We both accept each other the way we are. This is the easiest and best relationship I have ever been in. Being in a relationship with Dave is now a natural self expression, it’s easy and flows, and will grow forever.” – Birgit 

Arlene & Dave – Love At Any Age!

“On Facebook I have read so many of your testimonials and I always smile and think, “Yes. I agree with their words and I am not surprised that they are so happy after reading your book, receiving your coaching, or attending a course.

I guess I am a little different in my experience because I am 73 years old. I had been married for 48 years before my husband passed. There were challenges because later in the marriage, he was bipolar and alcoholic. I raised 3 children and have 4 grandchildren before I read your book, Loveable. I was lucky that my two daughters encouraged me to join Our Time, an online dating site. They wanted me to have a dinner companion or enjoy a movie with a friend once in a while. Doing the exercises in your book gave me the confidence to move forward. Your book helped me to realize I was still lovable, helped me identify my needs and wants with an empowerment that made me feel confident as a woman again.

I did not need a man in my life at my age. However, I found a man (age 83) who appreciated me, who adored the woman I had become. We were opposites in many ways and we were alike in important ways. Falling in love was easy. We embrace every day and say things like ” Did I tell you I love you today?” At our ages we do not waste the time we have together. We even go to our doctor’s appointments together. We both consider ourselves so lucky. The point is, I would not feel lucky if I had never taken that first step. I thank my daughters all the time.

Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement, Suzanne. I am a very different client not because of my age but because I am your Mother. Hugs Mom .”

Donna & Bart - Doing What She Loves & LOVE

“In 2001 my husband left. I was devastated! So now what? I’m 40 years old and alone with two small children and basically no life other than being a mom. I didn’t even realize just how resigned and cynical I was becoming about dating and men.

Then came Suzanne’s workshop. Within the first five minutes I knew what was in between me and dating. The workshop was fun and creative and it gave me a whole new world for me to live into! I started doing what I enjoy – country dancing  – and met someone. I am now MARRIED.” – Donna

Sue & Bob - Scared to Date To New Love

“After 11 years of not dating and blocked to even consider dating again by the past, I said ‘yes’ to entrusting Suzanne with my heart. I’ve always been a very loving woman, but something was extremely clogged, and I was very uneasy with men who wanted to get close.

I didn’t expect finding the love of my life to happen so quickly! Or so easily. He is even more than I ever dreamed was possible…  I really am so thankful for all the work Suzanne helped me do to be able to appreciate who he is. We are now married.”
– Sue

David & Raisa - Mindset Is Half The Battle!

“I’d gone through a long stretch where I met lots of interesting women, and went out on a lot of first dates, but nothing developed past that. There always seemed to be some issue that got in the way, and it started to get old pretty quickly. I wasn’t having much trouble meeting people and getting dates, but it just didn’t seem like anyone was looking for the same thing I was. I was sure that I was looking for a long-term relationship, and I was frustrated that many of the women I went out with were not really in a place to be able to do that, for one reason or another. I was given the typical, “just out of a relationship, and not ready to get involved again,” or “the chemistry just wasn’t there,” or “we’re not a great match,” and most of the other usuals reasons when I was told no. It was rare that I would get past a first date, regardless of how well the date itself went, so it really became difficult to keep putting myself out there in the face of this.

Suzanne immediately made an impact by helping me change my mindset. While I tried very hard to not get caught up in the “here we go again” syndrome, it was a natural response to my lack of results. She helped me design a dating mantra, where I adjusted my attitude and demanded better! We went from “I hope this one gives me a fair chance” to “I’m going to wow her, and she can’t wait to see me again!” This change helped me stay positive and open to new possibilities. Not long after this, a woman contacted me on We had so much in common just from our profiles. After a couple of weeks we talked on the phone one night, which made her nervous and in reality, it was our first date. The next night we met for our date, and everything just clicked right away for both of us. There was no doubt that we were both on the same page about many things, and the attraction was definitely there! We have been together now for over ten months now, and our relationship is fantastic. It feels so much different that even my previous relationships have, it feels wonderful. I have Suzanne to thank!  And now we’re getting married in May 2014!!!” – David

Jeff & Crystal - No Dates To Meeting a Classy Lady!

“I was frustrated. I was lonely. I get all kinds of referrals in my business, but why aren’t the people I know referring their attractive, single friends to me? What’s wrong with me?

Wow! After working with Suzanne, I went from having no dates to four possible interests – including a referral from friends. And boy were my socks knocked off. I was blown away – here is this one woman who is everything I wanted… This is the real deal! I am now married!” – Jeff

Ashley & Boyfriend – Love Happened Quickly!

“I can’t believe how quickly I found my partner after working with Suzanne – 2 months + 1 week! He was in front of me all along, but it took coaching and guidance to see and experience him freely.

Before working with Suzanne my picker was sub-par. I met nice guys who weren’t looking for the type of connection I was, yet they’d speak as if they were. There was a huge disconnect in what I wanted and who I was picking!

Together Suzanne and I cleared my blocks, upgraded my beliefs + picker, and created my fulfillment list. TA-DA – the man who fulfills me appeared! There were other potential suitors, but I could now clearly see why my guy is the right choice. I can’t believe how easy it is to be in a committed relationship with him. We’re planning our first international trip together! You help co-create results quickly!” – Ashley (*)

(*) The client has requested to not post a picture of her.

Anonymous Date & Soulmate – Never Give Up!

“Dear Reader, this is the story of how I got into a healthy relationship with a wonderful and caring woman. I do not want my name to be public so please just call me the ‘anonymous dater’.

Last November I had come to a point where I had enough of a life without a woman to share it. Up until then my relationships had been unfulfilling, unsatisfying and filled with arguments. I had been married and divorced. Over time I had made up my mind what kind of relationship I was looking for and decided to create opportunities for dating.

So I reached out for help and advice. I got to know Suzanne and asked her about her take on online dating. I had tried several of these platforms before without significant results. She encouraged me to give it another try and to work on the mindset with which I was going out. We had several coaching sessions in which we specified my wishes for a relationship. That helped me being clear about myself and the person I want to be with.

As the months went by there were days of frustration. Although I met some kind and interesting women, none of these dates really sparked any feelings. Nonetheless Suzanne kept inspiring me to not let go.

Then I received an eMail that got my attention straight away. This lady posed some kind and intelligent questions and didn’t hesitate a second to introduce herself in the same way. So from the start we had an open conversation that hasn’t stopped since. We’ve both found our soulmate.

What Suzanne has taught me is to never let go, always believe in yourself and create our chances. You never know what’s around the corner.” – Anonymous dater(*)

(*) The client has requested to not post a picture of himself.

Brenda & Mr. Wonderful – Fear To Love!

Brenda has asked that her real name be kept confidential and I will honor that. You must hear her story about how she broke through to the other side. Hooray!

“I had a big fear of rejection, which was paralyzing in many ways. I felt deeply resigned and inadequate about myself and almost abnormal for not having a boyfriend. In fact, my longest relationship was only three months, and I’m in my mid forties.

By working with Suzanne, we created a clear picture of what is important to me in life and in a man in order to form a lasting relationship. I realized for the first time that I am actually good at relationships so why would my most significant relationship be any different?

By going through the exercises and doing the homework, I let go of regrets and self-criticism, and my self-confidence improved immeasurably. I am even having fun talking to strangers and being the real me in all company.

My thoughts and feelings have shifted to excitement, hope, anticipation and even a touch of impatience! My fears of rejection have lessened greatly. I looked for someone that I can be happy with instead of hoping that all the men I meet will like me. The dating process became a matter of the quality of connections, not the quantity.

Suzanne was extremely easy to open up to and trust, and she really made the process very enjoyable, natural and worthwhile.

I have met a lovely new man, and we have been seeing each other for over three months now. He is all of the many things that I wanted and more. We are having a wonderful time getting to know each other. We even went away together on vacation!

Thank you for helping me reframe my attitudes to men, relationships and love. You helped me be ready and able to recognize him when he came along, because I am quite sure that I would have let him pass me by if I had not worked with you. You made me focus on what was holding me back and what was really important to me in a partner.

For the first time in my life I am in a relationship with someone who loves me for who I am because I can allow him to see who I am, rather than hiding anything that might be difficult or troublesome about me. I have someone to support me in the challenges I am facing in other parts of my life and someone who can laugh with me about the silly stuff. It worked!” – Brenda